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demon, thou name is brian

PG ; Curt/Brian
summary: bonfires were lit to keep demons away.
words: 205

Note: written for the 30 day drabble challenge on tumblr with the prompt summer.

there's a bonfire lit in the middle of the yard. curt's pretty sure it's illegal but no one's called the police, yet. there hasn't been a single complaint about the noise either; the record player's been on all evening, blasting albums by venus in furs and wylde ratttz while brian's entourage screech and howl—it's like their music is the background noise to a demonic festival.

it's a strange sight to look down upon from behind a glass window.

"bonfires were lit to keep demons away." brian whispers from the semi-darkness and into curt's ear. his arms wrap loosely around curt's waist, pulling him back.

they tumble to the bed, readjusting so curt is braced on his hands above brian. he smirks, ducking his head to press a quick, wet kiss to brian's lips.

"then be gone demon." he says quietly, voice hoarse. curt nips brian's ear, making him laugh.

brian pins curt with his heterochromatic stare, mouth inching closer to curt's. "some demons never go away," brian intones.

(curt has no idea how much that's going to ring true for him in a few months, a few years. but he doesn't think about the future, only brian's face outlined in the midsummer's fire light.)