cosipotente: (inner monster)
cosipotente ([personal profile] cosipotente) wrote2013-11-10 11:41 pm

the sound of silence

PG ; Curt/Arthur
summary: Sometimes, no words need to be said at all.
words: 81

Note: written for the 30 day drabble challenge on tumblr with the prompt thanks.

It passes between them quietly, reverently, like the kisses stolen all those years ago. It’s a mutual understanding, a mutual burden of sharing a secret that weighs tons between them.

The low hum of the smoky bar does nothing to interrupt its flow, the message floating clear between the two of them.

It reads in Curt's half smile the way it reads in Arthur's hooded eyes.

Thanks. It spreads itself between chapped lips and onto a warm, wet tongue.

Thank you.

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