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PG-13 ; Steve/Bucky
summary: Of course they had presumptions and ideas about him. But Bucky makes it his mission to break them all down. For [profile] ladylothwen. Happy birthday!
word count: 1,365

you'll love me at once )
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PG ; Steve, Bucky (pre-slash)
summary: He runs a finger, one made of flesh, over the picture of Captain America’s face. “My name is Bucky, and I know you.”
word count: 1,004

i'm saying you don't have to )
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PG-13 ; Minho centric
summary: It was unfortunate Minho's powers involved fires, and not seeing the future.
word count: 3,751 AU. DEATH.

the funeral of hearts )


Dec. 11th, 2013 08:21 am
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NC-17 ; Minho/Taemin
summary: If you could consume a part of your lover, which part would you eat first?
word count: 1,632

i wanna do bad things to you )
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NC-17 ; Levi/Eren
summary: He is giving Levi an intimate sort of power over him that has nothing to do with incest and everything to do with putting his entire well-being in Levi's hands. Leave it to Eren to do it in the weirdest fucking way possible.
word count: 985

i take what i want from your heart )
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PG-13 ; Jean/Marco
summary: His phone rang at 6AM Monday morning, a shrill sound right at his ear, and Jean answered on the first ring. There was a mechanical quality to Marco's brother's voice when he relayed Marco's update. Comatose.
word count: 4,043

we can live forever if you've got the time )
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PG ; Gareki/Nai
summary: "Gareki is my treasured person. He is important to me."
word count: 964

i take what i want from your heart )
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PG-13 ; Jean/Armin/Marco
summary: Jean thinks about him while Marco writhes beneath him, thinks about Armin being somewhere between them.
word count: 1,141

Request: "Jean/Armin/Marco threesome or jean/armin with Marco as jean's wingman. A college setting would be awesome. Please?"

Trying to fill the spaces in between )

match made

Dec. 5th, 2013 07:56 am
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PG ; Rin/Nitori
summary: It makes Rin's chest tighten and he shifts his gaze to the floor. Sometimes, he is taken aback by Nitori's openness, his honesty, both to himself and others, is endearing and refreshing.
word count: 1,369

i want to scream i love you but i'm afraid someone else will hear me )


Dec. 4th, 2013 07:55 am
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PG ; Levi/Eren
summary: Levi delivers flowers to a house in mourning.
word count: 1,812

level up )
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PG-13 ; Derek/Isaac
summary: what was supposed to be a big derek/isaac fic that sort of fell through the cracks.
word count: 2,971

your heart is empty )
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PG ; Jinki/Minho
summary: For all that Minho can resist though, he just couldn't fight the urge to message Jinki, asking in a roundabout way, if he would like to meet. Face to face.
word count: 1,012

level up )
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PG ; Stiles Stilinski/Isaac Lahey
summary: Stiles getting his arm broken during lacrosse practice shifted something between him, Scott, and Isaac.
word count: 1,914

turn off the lights and turn off the shyness )
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PG-13 ; Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
summary: It's Stiles that Derek stumbles to. Wherein certain things from "Motel California" happened very differently.
word count: 1,816

Note: For [profile] lilycarroll/houseofdead on tumblr who surprised me with adorable Sterek fanart. Thank you so much, and I hope you like this! ♥
You'll find commiseration in everyone's eyes )
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PG-13 ; Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham
summary: Where Hannibal really is Lucifer in a human veil.
word count: 807

Note: Violence. Mentions of real life crimes and criminals. I've mixed in some elements of the books, mostly from Hannibal Rising.

the scales have fallen from my eyes. i see you )
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PG-13 ; Roman/Peter
summary: With one nod, Peter had undone generations of work and as much as he wants too, he can’t undo anything now.
word count: 1,074

Note: Based in episode two after Roman mentions having the same dreams as Peter.

we are wild )
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G ; Taiga/Kagami
summary: They had spent a whole month saving up for this date; Taiga mostly avoiding Maji Burger as if it had the plague and packing his own lunches. Every burger not eaten had been worth each one of Kuroko's small smiles.
words: 1,095

everyone is bound by laws )

Ocean Eyes

Oct. 30th, 2013 05:27 pm
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PG ; Kagami/Kuroko
summary: Kagami Taiga, whose only interests in life had been food and basketball, finds himself thinking of Kuroko at awkward times. Really awkward, really inappropriate times. And Taiga finds that his weird thoughts of Kuroko are actually how his brain deals with crushes.
word count: 2,451

Note: Note written for the 30 day drabble challenge on tumblr with the prompt denial

there's a road between us )


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