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The Deals You Make [Part 6]

PG-13 ; Minho/Jinki (Minho/Taemin)
summary: Bodies, like souls, can be lost and it's Minho's job to find them.
word count: 4,032 3,552
AU Violence Death

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"All roads lead to the same destination." — Castiel (Supernatural)

It takes Jinki all of four hours to get to, and inside of, the Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital. On the train ride to Gwangju, as well as on the bus to Gonjiam, Jinki had done some cursory internet searches on the asylum—how to locate it, how to get in exactly. Sifting through urban legends and vague directions, Jinki finally found a blog that gave the exact route on how to reach the hospital as the bus pulled to a stop.

He checks his phone as he disembarks. The place is a fifteen minute walk from the bus stop, a walk Jinki isn’t alone on. A small group of teenagers holding invitations similar to the one he has trail ahead of him.

When he’s asked if he knows the way, Jinki plays dumb. He follows behind them at a distance pretending to be equally lost until they reach the main gate.

The wrought iron is old and rusting, topped with barbedwire to prevent anyone from climbing over. The gate itself is chained close. The group ahead of him grumble amongst one another; A few even kick the gate in frustration. Jinki knows he has to walk up the road a bit more to get to the abandoned guard house but he waits for the group of teenagers to turn back for the bus stop. He doesn’t want them following him inside.

When they finally do just that, Jinki jogs to the guard house and hikes around the back of it. The overgrown backyard and delipidated structure lead up hill to a trail. He follows it until it spits him out in front of another gate, this time made of chain link.

Jinki slips in easily enough through a gap in the ruined metal.

He runs the rest of the way up the hill. Daylight is running out and he needs to get inside before the party kicks off. Jinki comes an abrupt halt, sweating and breathless, when he sees what lays ahead of him. The few grainy pictures he had seen do Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital no justice.

The massive institute, abandoned and decaying for almost twenty years, sits tucked away in the graying foliage of the Gwangju hillside. The massive concrete structure is pocked with broken windows on almost every floor. Like a mouth with missing teeth. Otherwise, it looks structurally sound if a little intimidating.

Jinki swallows thickly, steeling himself for what comes next, and forces himself to move. He doesn’t have time to be scared. Not now.

As he turns to make his way to the front entrance of the hospital, his phone rings loudly in the quiet surrounding him. He unleashes an annoyed sigh and jerks his phone out of his pocket. The caller ID comes up unknown.

Jinki answers warily. “Hello?”
At first a static silence is the only sound on the other end until he listens a little harder. The static changes to a faint crying that quickly turns into screaming. Jinki jerks his phone away from his ear until the screams fade into a familiar laugh. The hairs on Jinki’s arm prickle.

“Hello, big brother,” Vetis’s voice floats through the other end. “Glad you could make it. Come and find me, if you can.”

The line clicks dead. Jinki angrily shoves his phone back in his pocket. Damn it. He has to remind himself that to Vetis, this is all a game and he just needs to keep playing it. Play your part, Jinki thinks. Play it until the end.

Jinki picks his way through overgrown weeds and hedges until he makes it to the main entrance of the hospital. Where there was once doors is now metal gating to keep wanderers out. Well, they would keep wanderers out if someone hadn’t cut a person-sized hole in the metal.

Jinki pushes the sword through the opening, then himself, and just like that he’s inside the asylum.

Minho and Jonghyun get Krystal and Jessica back to his apartment without much incident. Krystal did try to bite him once as they crossed the street, but a swift display of Jonghyun’s powers put any other attempts at fighting back to rest. The two girls just glare at them as they are forced into Minho’s apartment.

Jonghyun herds Jessica and Krystal toward the couch. Minho is sure the demon is keeping them under microscopic scrutiny so he heads to the bedroom when he notices Jinki is nowhere insight. He debates knocking on the door for a second, but he and Jinki are beyond that.

Minho opens the door quietly, unsure if the other is sleeping or not, but finds the room empty. The bed unslept in. The bathroom quiet.


A deafening silence is his only response. He backtracks to the living room. A sick churning starts in the pit of Minho’s stomach. It’s that heavy feeling of knowing something but wanting to deny it.

“He isn’t here,” Jonghyun says when Minho passes him on his way to the kitchen.

Minho’s insides clench. He gives Jonghyun a long look. “You knew?”

Jonghyun’s eyes slide from the girls to Minho slowly. He looks at him like he’s stupid. “I’m the one that set him on his merry way.”

Minho bites back the spiel of acid that washes up his throat. Picking a fight with Jonghyun won’t solve or help him in anyway. “Where did he go?”

“Sorry,” Jonghyun says in a way that clearly states he isn’t, “I can’t tell you that until these two are dealt with.”

His fist is slamming into the wall before he can think to reign his anger in. It’s the only outburst Minho allows himself. “Then let’s deal with them,” he says, flexing his fingers. There’s an edge in his tone that means they’ll have a long discussion later about where Jinki is.

A wide, manic smile spills across Jonghyun’s face. “We’re going to exorcise you,” he tells Krystal and Jessica as he stands up from the arm of the couch he had been sitting on.

Jessica’s arm encircles Krystal, pulling her close. “We aren’t possessed!”

Minho forces them apart, bodily holding Jessica away from her little sister. He grabs her under the jaw with one hand, uses the other keep her quiet. If necessary, he’ll snap her neck.

“We’re going to exorcise you of the information you possess,” Jonghyun sneers. The demon’s human skin splits down the middle. Muscle and tendon rip open as his true form seeps out, blackened and vaguely man-shaped.

Minho’s seen this display once before but the scene never fails to leave him in awe. Some part of him reacts viscerally and he can’t stop the smile from blooming on his face when Jonghyun spills into Krystal’s mouth.

Navigating the hospital’s winding halls would probably be difficult on a sunny day. In the fast fading light of an overcast day, difficult becomes almost impossible. Jinki gets himself turned around three times on the first floor alone. All of the corridors look the same. Making it up to the second floor almost sends him to an early grave when he walks into an expansive spider web.

He ditches his jacket, convinced it’s crawling with spiders, and keeps going. Somewhere above him, on the roof probably, the DJ is setting up. Thready bass pounds through the air and then stopping abruptly.

Jinki rounds a corner and slams into something. Hard. The impact sends him backwards, falling on his ass. The hand he shot out to catch himself smarts from its meeting with the floor.

“Are you alright?” The something he’d ran into asks. Someone looking for the party no doubt. He’s young, younger than Jinki, and the dim light makes him look eerily familiar. He can’t place where’s seen the kid’s face before.

“Are you?” Jinki returns. He picks himself up, dusting his jeans off. This whole place is probably full of mold and asbestos. He’s been trying to avoid touching anything unless it was absolutely necessary.

“Yeah,” the other person says slowly. “Just a little lost. Would you mind helping me?”

Jinki gives an inaudible sigh. Coming across someone else in the hospital was inevitable. He just hadn’t planned on leading the way. Reluctantly, he agrees.

They pick the hall neither of them had come down. A few of the rooms have broken windows that let in the purple light of the setting sun. Garbage is strewn about, both old and new, and they carefully have to sidestep mattresses and beer bottles. They walk in silence for sometime, the kid whooping excitedly only when they find the stairwell for the third floor.

Jinki thinks about Minho as they walk. He’s contemplated calling or texting him a dozen times since he arrived at the hospital. He just isn’t sure of what Minho could be doing right now, if he’s got the time to be interrupted, and Jinki doesn’t have the time for any arguments Minho might want to have. He keeps his phone in his pocket despite the way his fingers twitch for it.

“Are you here for the party?” The kid asks. He walks slightly ahead of Jinki, dragging a finger along the wall.

“No,” Jinki replies honestly. “I’m meeting someone.”

“Urban exploring?”

Jinki snorts. “Something like that.”

The kid stays quiet for another few minutes before asking. “Do you know what happened here?”

Jinki doesn’t. While he’d been looking up directions, he hadn’t paid any particular attention to the asylum’s history. Random tidbits had jumped out him, like how long the place had been abandoned and how it had only three floors, but other than that, Gonjiam’s past didn’t interest him.

“Not really,” Jinki says distractedly as he tries to find the stairwell for the roof.

The kid stops to look at Jinki. As they stare at each other that feeling of familiarity comes back to him. Where has he seen this boy before? The kid cocks his head to the side, like he’s listening to something only he can hear. Jinki’s heart beats a little faster.

“They all died,” the boy says. He isn’t looking at Jinki anymore as he talks. His eyes are far away. “The director of the hospital lost his mind. Went as mental as the mental patients that lived here.”

“Are you okay?” Jinki’s voice shakes, betraying the calm facade he’s trying to present.

The kid smiles. It isn’t the smile of someone who is okay. Jinki’s feet move before he can really think. Something inside of him screams for him to run. Just run.

Jinki doesn’t even make it to the end of the hall. The kid appears out of nowhere, blocking him.

“The director murdered them all,” he says, “burned them all in the basement. Let me show you how to get there.”

From the walls and the ceiling, disembodied hands reach out wildly for Jinki. This isn’t happening, he thinks frantically. He shoves past the kid as the hands draw closer. The next hall over is also full of outstretched hands.

“You can’t run from us,” the kid is suddenly behind him. “You’ll never leave this place.”

Jinki draws his elbow back and slams it into the other boy’s face. His nose crunches under the impact. The kid goes down with a yelp. He’s human after all.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Jinki says. He draws the sword out of the bag and wields it awkwardly before him. “I don’t want to, but I will.”

The kid smiles around the blood streaming down his face. Jinki suddenly remember where he’s seen his face before. In the newspaper. He was the kid that had been found stumbling naked and bloody outside of the apartments where his friends were killed.

Jinki’s grip on the sword wavers. The kid makes his move. He rushes forward, that smile still on his face, and Jinki swings blindly. The edge of the blade catches the kid in throat, splitting the thin skin easily. Blood spills like a river down his neck.

The sword falls out of Jinki’s numb hands. He catches the boy before he can hit the ground. He hadn’t wanted this to happen. Jinki’s hands move to his throat to try and hold back the tide of blood there.

Between wet gurgles, the kid tries to speak. Jinki shushes him, like if he stopped talking he could be saved somehow. Jinki’s hands shake as he keeps the slit closed. God, there’s so much blood, he thinks.

“He’s on the roof,” the kid spits out the words around a mouth full of blood. “Kill him.”

Cold fingers shove Jinki’s hands away. He resists them at first, keeps the pressure on the wound steady, until he meets the kid’s eyes. Jinki slowly realizes the kid wants this, wants to die. Tears prick at the corners of his eyes and he drops his hands.

Jinki sits with the kid—a kid—until he dies. It’s only a few minutes but to Jinki it feels like a few hours. When the last twitch runs through the boy, Jinki gets up. With the sword in his bloodied hands, he moves on.

When Jonghyun finishes getting what he needs from Krystal and Jessica, he turns them to ash. They didn’t have much information to begin with, just the names of a few demons Jonghyun wanted back in Hell. If Vetis had any plans, he didn’t trust them with Jessica and her little sister.

Minho finishes vacuuming the floor for the third time, satisfied that there are no traces of the sisters left. Jonghyun throws himself on the couch. He’s back in the meatsuit he’d been wearing prior to possessing Krystal and then Jessica. Minho puts the vacuum away and then turns on Jonghyun.

“Where is he?”

“Predictable,” Jonghyun mumbles. The distinctly uninterested tone he takes pisses Minho off. He’s across the room in three strides, hands fisting Jonghyun’s shirt. Minho pulls the demon up and off the couch until they are eye level.

They’re close enough Minho can see the way Jonghyun’s eyes blacken from the pupil outward.

“Where is he?” Minho asks again.

“Your lucky that finding Jessica and Krystal has put me in such a good mood,” Jonghyun says slowly, “or you’d be a mess on your own floor with no one to clean you up.” He twists out of Minho’s hold and resumes his position on the couch.

“He’s in Gwangju and with any luck, he’s killed that traitorous rat Vetis,” Jonghyun informs him. Minho doesn’t like the way his eyes move off to the side before he continues. “He’s also more than likely dead himself.”

The air goes out of Minho followed by a strange prickly numbness that flows throughout his body. No. He will not lose Jinki. Minho is gone, disappearing as Jonghyun does, between one blink and the next.

Jinki makes it to the roof in one piece just as the sun dips below the horizon. Vetis, wearing Taemin’s face, smiles at him from the DJ’s booth. The DJ lays crumpled on the ground. The odd angle in which his head rests speaks volumes about a broken neck.

“The hero makes it after all,” Vetis sneers.

Jinki doesn’t let himself fall for the bait. Between watching the kid die and finally making it to the roof of the hospital, a strange sense of calm has come over Jinki. It probably has a lot to do with the text message he’d sent Jonghyun before taking the stairs up here. He doesn’t dwell on it, though.

The sword is steady in his hands when he draws it up. He’s ready, and he’ll succeed.

“I’m going to tear you to pieces!” Vetis screams.

“You can try,” Jinki says blithely.

Vetis is on him in an instant.

There was an idea Minho coalesced about how the fight with Vetis would go down. It would all ultimately climax with the demon being destroyed and Taemin’s corpse finally being laid to rest. Maybe Minho would have some bumps and bruises at the end of it all, but the most important part of his idea was that Jinki safe somewhere on the sidelines.

The idea never alluded to watching Jinki impale himself through the chest on the end of a rusty sword. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. The idea in Minho’s head never featured him on his knees on the roof of an abandoned psychiatric asylum miles away from any help. He wasn’t meant to be cradling Jinki and watching the life fade out of his eyes.

It was never supposed to end like this.

“Hey,” Minho says softly. His voice cracks as a stuttery sob works its way out of his mouth. Jinki’s eyes flutter but do not open. Minho tries gently shaking Jinki’s head but nothing happens. “Hyung. Hey, come on.”

Jinki dies in his arms with one last inhale.

Minho gently pulls the sword out of his chest. A few feet away is Taemin’s body, a matching wound bleeding black through the white shirt it wears. Minho gathers Jinki’s limp form in his arms but when he stands, Minho finds himself weak at the knees. He fights to hold in his tears but they slip out from his closed eyes anyway.

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this!” Minho’s anger is muted by his grief.

Somewhere behind him glass crunches and he curls protectively over Jinki’s body. He’ll take Jinki home, no one else can touch him. Jonghyun’s voice fills the silence between Minho’s quiet wrecked sobs.

“He really did it. Fascinating.”

“Bring him back,” Minho croaks out. “Just bring him back.”

Jonghyun squats beside Taemin’s body, pressing two fingers to its pale forehead. The body disappears leaving behind the faint smell of earth. Minho wants to tell Jinki his brother is finally at rest but what good does that do for a corpse?

“Bring him back,” Minho says again. His voice borders on desperate.

“I can’t,” Jonghyun has never sounded so gentle before. “We made a deal. If he lived through this, I had to put him in the ground next to his brother.” He brushes a lock of hair from Jinki’s gray forehead. “If he succeeded but died in the process, I had to make sure he could never be resurrected spiritually or bodily.”

The same fingertips Jonghyun pressed against Taemin’s head are now pressed to Jinki’s. Minho watches through tear-blurred eyes as Jonghyun seals Jinki’s body. He would never be possessed. His spirit would never walk the earth.

Minho would never see him again.

“This is a shit deal,” he says. He isn’t sure if he’s talking to Jonghyun or Jinki, or both. They had conspired behind his back and yet, Minho couldn’t find it within himself to be angry.

“He thought of you until the end,” Jonghyun sounds a bit reverent. “He didn’t want you to hurt anymore than you had to.”

Minho feels fresh tears well in his eyes. Typical Jinki. Typical, stupid Jinki. Minho can’t decide if he loves him even more because of this, or hates him completely. It’s hard to hate the dead when they’re laying at your feet.

Jonghyun moves to pick up Jinki’s body. Minho stops him with a hand on his shoulder. He can’t ever remember giving the demon such a human gesture.

“Turn him to ash,” Minho can barely get the words out of his mouth. “No one’s around at home to bury him and it’s the only real way to keep his body safe.”

Jonghyun looks at him for a moment but ultimately does as Minho asks. Jinki’s body is nothing more than dust after a minute. Minho watches it catch in the chilly night breeze and blow away. His chest aches with the death of dreams and hopes that Jinki had left behind inside of him.

“Goodbye, hyung.”

“He wanted you to find peace as well,” Jonghyun says after a long silence stretches between them. “Do you want peace?”

“Are you trying to make a deal with me?” Minho jokes but a seed of hope has already sprouted inside of him. He’s been at this for such a long time he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t thought of getting out.

“I never want to see your face again,” Jonghyun quips back. “If I give you your freedom, I’ll have mine. These aren’t the kind of deals I make often.”

Minho mulls it over. He believes he’ll see Jinki again in another life, but not if he stays on with Jonghyun. Eventually, he’ll lose the small bit of soul he has left. After that happens, there’s no telling where he’ll end up after he’s dead for good.

He looks at the hand Jonghyun stretches out and takes it.

“Be nice to the new guy.”

“If I could send you to Hell, I would.”

They smile at each other. Minho closes his eyes and lets Jonghyun pull the life out of him. At first, it’s just uncomfortable and then it’s painful. The pain is brief though, like a pinch or the prick of a needle.

Minho is dead, ashes spreading on the wind, in less than a minute.

Jonghyun is dusting his hands just as a slew of rowdy teens spill onto the roof. He smiles into the night.

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Notes: First and foremost, I want to take a moment to worship [profile] quellazaire / [personal profile] furorpoeticus. She is a goddess. She basically held my hand while I worked on this fic ♥ Two years of off and on hand holding. You're amazing. So, thank you my dearest Gwyn. ♥

Secondly: Two fucking years, you guys. Two. Fucking. Years. We made it though! Thanks for sticking with this and putting up with my garbage. I am really sorry about the shitty ending but after two years, I've kind of given up on it.

** Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital is an actual place and is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the world. It mysteriously shut down in 1996 for no apparent reason and no one knows what happened to the patients either. **

[started: 2012.07.30 - finished: 2014.10.02]

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