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the deals you make [interlude]

PG-13 ; Krystal, Kyungsoo, Hyunseong, Sungjong
summary: The temperature in the room drops and goosebumps prickle her skin. The word bloodbath skates across her mind. Krystal smiles.
word count: 1,175 AU.

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Krystal swings her apartment door open. She is all smiles and wide gestures at the three boys behind her. Her cheeks ached with the pretense she has been playing at for over an hour.

"Come one, come all," she says, ushering them into the cool darkness of her home. "Make yourselves comfortable."

She toes off her shoes and flips the light switch on. Krystal leaves the high schoolers to do the same. Watching out of her peripheral as they elbow one another, she makes her way across the room to deposit her bag on the couch.

The boys are quiet, shy even, but Krystal sees victory and pride in their faces. She had picked them up outside of some expensive preparatory school. She watched the student body file out in the same way a cheetah watched a herd of gazelles for stragglers.

Krystal watched. Waited. And sprang for the trio the moment they separated from the crowd and crossed onto the street she had been leisurely walking up. Where a cheetah was all teeth and claws though, Krystal was all smiles and gentle, flirtatious coaxing.

And which single, high school boy wouldn't want to hangout with her?

Krystal smiles as she walks into her kitchen for refreshments. She takes three cans of cola from the fridge and sets them on the counter. From the living room she can hear the loud, excited whispers of the three boys, Kyungsoo, Hyunseong, and Sungjong.

Excited lambs made the process work so much better.

In the cup cabinet sits a small vial and Krystal grabs it when she takes three glasses down. The vial is full of thick, viscous black liquid which she divides between the cups until the vial is half empty. Krystal then pours the contents of the cola cans into the cups. She waits for the demon blood to mix into the murky brown liquid, and then picks up the cups, carefully balancing them in her hands.

Krystal knows exactly how to play the perfect hostess; she's been playing this game for a long time.

When she gets back into the living room the boys have arranged themselves around her low-table. There is a light sheen of sweat on each of their foreheads. Krystal smiles at them, a real smile that sits natural on her pretty lips, and she has to refrain from laughing at their blushes.

She feels their excitement like a burn beneath her skin and when Krystal passes them the cups there is a fine tremor in her hand. She reels in the desire to open each of them up, to split the soft skin under their chins wide open, instead Krystal watches them drink.

"What do you want to play first?" She asks, pointing to the modest collection of games piled on her tv, after they down the colas.

Their heads swivel back and forth between her and the games. Krystal finally has to laugh at their wide-eyed and open-mouthed expressions.

She drops down, pushing herself between Hyungseong and Kyungsoo. "How about this," she says, a bit conspiratorially, and reaches under the table. Krystal pulls the spirit board out and lays it on the table. The board, worn from use and age, thrums under her fingertips with power. Krystal runs her hand over the top, the touch reverent, and pushes it to the center of the table.

She hides an embarrassed smile behind her hand, and leans a little closer to Hyungseong. "I've been a bit too scared to do it by myself.”

Krystal casts a hopeful look at Kyungsoo, but keeps herself leaned against Hyunseong. Kyungsoo's enthusiastic nod gets Sungjong and Hyunseong to follow suit. They will do anything to impress her and that thought sets off a slow burn of excitement in the pit of her stomach.

Tapping a finger against her chin, Krystal says, "I think the rules said two people at a time." She leans forward a bit on the table, shirt hanging open just so. "So, you can each have a turn with me if you want." Their eyes fall to the skin peeking out there. Oh how they wanted. The grin she was holding back stretches across her face.

"Sounds fair." Hyunseong says, sliding closer to her, his arm pressed flush against the side of her breast. Krystal fights to not roll her eyes.

He'll be first, she thinks, and if she shivers from the anticipation, well, that's her business.

Sungjong reaches for the planchette, but Krystal stops him. She takes his hand in one of hers with a soft smile.

"The rules also said we have to prick our fingers first." She informs them. Her thumb draws teasing circles against the back of Sungjong's hand. With her other hand, she surreptitiously pulls a pin from its hiding spot under the table.

She pushes the head of the pin against his plump thumb. Sungjong winces, but doesn't draw away. Krystal pulls the needle out of his skin and squeezes until blood beads up through the tiny hole.

"There we go." Krystal says softly, pressing Sungjong's thumb against the planchette. His blood decorates the northern point. She smiles and draws his finger into mouth, gently suckling until their is no blood left on his skin.

He looks dazed when his hand falls into his lap once she finishes.

Hyunseong and Kyungsoo shove their hands forward almost at the same time. Eager and willing sacrifices. A gleeful laugh bubbles up her throat, but she stamps it down. Kyungsoo's hand was the slightly faster one and she takes it in her hand. Krystal pricks his thumb, presses it onto eastern side of the planchette, and then draws his finger into her mouth as she did with Sungjong.

She repeats the process with Hyunseong's thumb, but presses it onto the western point. She is less gentle with him, but he doesn't seem to notice, or care. Fool, she thinks.

Krystal pushes the needle into her own thumb, lets the blood trickle onto the southern point of the planchette, and then licks at the tiny wound.

"Let's start." She says, almost too excited.

Krystal doesn't dictate what they can and can't ask the board. She doesn't do much at all, just watches them. Kyungsoo asks if they're alone. Hyunseong asks if there are any spirits in the apartment. Sungjong asks if any of them will succeed in school. It's all boring and mundane. A few times Krystal pushes the planchette with her mind just to keep them interested.

She watches them for changes, for the possibility of a connection from the otherside.

It's an hour later that Kyungsoo shifts, very slightly, and looks over his shoulder. There is nothing behind him but the empty corner, but he still glances back.

Yes, she thinks. This is it.

A chill settles over her shoulders. Krystal relaxes and lets it overcome her. It's a familiar feeling, the pull from the otherside. The temperature in the room drops and goosebumps prickle her skin. The word blood bath skate across her mind.

Krystal smiles.

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