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G-PG ; Various Pairings
Free fics, mostly fills from requests made at my tumblr.

makoto/gou / view from the clouds / prompt: gou and mako! (short girls are cute, he thinks sometimes.)

Makoto watches Gou strain to put her library book back on the shelf it belonged, a shelf she can barely reach even when she stands on the tips of her toes.

Short girls are cute. Cute girls who are short is even better.

Gou jumps in an effort to shove the book into place. She misses. Makoto continues to watch, his chin resting on his palm, and a smile small stretches across his face as she gets frustrated.

It's when she makes to use the bottom shelf as a step up that he actually gets up from the table he was sitting at and helps her. He moves behind her as she stretches upward, takes the book from her small hand, and places it in its spot.

She looks at him from over her shoulder, thin brows drawn in a scowl and pink lips pulled into a pout. He gives her a lazy grin.

Short girls are indeed very cute.

makoto/gou l cat power l 162w – prompt: "Gou reminds Makoto of the cat, he plays with sometimes" :p

Makoto sits on the steps leading to Haru's house, holding out his hand to the kitten sitting on her hunches a few steps below him. She moves closer to sniff at his fingertips, and once she recognizes his scent, nudges his hand with her head.

He scratches gently behind her ear, smiling at the purr that rumbles out of such a small thing. He carefully scoops her up and holds her close to his chest.

"Kou," he says softly, laughing when the kitten rubs her head against his chest.

She reminds him of Gou. They are both tiny compared to Makoto, cute beyond words, and he likes dotting on each of them. The kitten he supplies with treats, Gou he supplies with hugs and shy kisses when they are alone.

Just thinking of her flustered face makes Makoto smile.

"You two are really too cute." He says to Kou, petting her under the chin. He gets a satisfied purr in his ear.

makoto/gou / hot fuss / prompt: Free request! Haru asks if mako likes gou and mako gets flustered and such (i just love how you write makoxgou!)

Makoto sits on the edge of the pool, legs half submerged where they hang over. He watches Nagisa hold Rei's hands as he floats on the surface of the water. They are hugging the far corner of the pool, out of Haru's way.

A blue head bobs from the surface and then disappears under water once again. Makoto watches lean arms slice through the water with expert precision and grace. He has probably seen the same motion a thousand times, but it still manages to leave him in a bit of awe.

Haru is truly on a different level.

Makoto's eyes drift from the hard lines of Haru's back to the shaded area where Ms. Amataka and Gou sit, chatting together like best friends rather than teacher and student. Gou talks animatedly, thin hands gesticulating to make a point. Makoto can't make out the conversation, but the bright din of Gou's laughter reaches his ears easily enough. It makes him smile softly.

"Do you like Gou?"

Haru's voice makes Makoto jerk in surprise, almost slipping over the pool's edge.

"W-what?" He stutters. His voice is too high-pitched even to his own ears.

"Do you like Gou?" Haru repeats, observing him in that sloe-eyed way of his. The intense scrutiny makes Makoto blush so badly he feels sun burnt.

"What? Why do you think that? Um. I—" He cuts his own panicked rambling off, eyes widening as he notices Gou making her way towards them.

Makoto doesn't think twice about leaping over Haru and diving into the pool. The cold of the water relieves the burning in his face, but it does nothing to settle the butterflies in his stomach.

He knows this line of conversation is far from over if the glint he had caught in Haruka's eyes is anything to go by.

makoto/gou / splash of color/ prompt: Makoto and Gou. On the ending's Arabian AU

An arid wind blows through the shop window, rustling the curtain and disturbing the chimes hanging above the sill. Makoto wipes at his brow, the motion languid as every inch of his body feels weighted down by the heat. Despite the low cut of his shirt and thin cotton material of his pants, he still sweats from the desert sun.

Another blow of wind pushes into the shop and it sets a few colorful spinner flowers in motion. He watches them spin slowly, lulled into a daze by their motion, and the oppressive heat.

"Those quite cute." A light voice suddenly sounds from before him.

Makoto jumps in his seat. The girl in the window smiles softly. For a long moment, he can only stare at her, mouth gaping just the slightest. She is absolutely beautiful. Her red hair blows about her in the breeze and it brings with it the smell of perfume and fresh fruit.

"H-hello." He says, snapping back to reality. She smiles just a bit wider, red eyes shining with mirth.

"Would you like one?" He asks. Or all of them? Or everything? These questions go unspoken.

She taps a slender finger to her chin, scanning the bouquet of spinner flowers. After a minute, she laughs; it's a pretty, cheerful sound Makoto decides then and there he could listen to forever.

"I can't pick. They are all so pretty."

Makoto smiles at her and the peers at the plastic toys. He picks up a red and purple flower, the corners decorated with tiny gold stars. It matches her eyes and the purple mesh of her clothing. Shyly, he holds it out to her.

"H-how about this one? For free."

She blushes prettily and accepts it. "Thank you." She purses her lips and blows on the flower, spinning the petals.

"I-I'm Kou." She says softly, staring up at him.

Makoto blushes himself. "I'm Makoto."

"Gou!" Someone shouts and her head jerks in the direction of the call.

"I'll see you again Makoto?"

Her hopeful tone makes Makoto speechless and he can only nod before she dashes away. He watches her go, a cute pout clouding her cute face.

"It's Kou! Kou, not Gou!" He hears her say to her blonde companion.

Makoto makes a mental note to only forget her names sometimes, if he ever sees her again.

makoto/gou / sweet lips and shark teeth / prompt: Could you do makoto/gou's first kiss and rin seeing and getting all protective brotherly? :3 x

By the time the meeting at Haru's house concludes, the sun is making it's decent into the horizon. Makoto volunteers to walk Gou home. His voice is even when he makes to the offer and he even manages to hold down his blush when she smiles at him. It's his heart beating thunderously in his chest that Makoto worries about; he is way too young for a heart attack.

When they are out of sight of Haru's house, Makoto slips his fingers between Gou's and she gives his hand a slight squeeze, beaming up at him with the tiniest of blushes.

They have been dating for a month, and while the whole swim club knows, they keep their displays of affection for when it's just the two of them. Makoto likes it that way; no one else but him gets to see the way Gou smiles, all shy and sweet and perfect.

The Matsuoka house is a ten-minute walk from Haru's, and they spend the time in silence. He can't tell what Gou is thinking, but the only thing going on in Makoto's head is the thought of kissing Gou. The idea implanted at the forefront of his mind by Nagisa whispering it suggestively in his ear. It was all he thought about during the meeting. It's all he can think about now. Kissing Gou.

They haven't had their first kiss, yet. The thought goes in a loop in his brain. He wonders if her lips are as soft as they look. He wonders if he his breath if okay, if now is a good, if she'll smack him if he tries it.

His thoughts spiral and his stomach twists. Makoto doesn't realize he's stopped walking until Gou's voice softly calling his name snaps him back to reality.

"Are you okay?" Concern is written across her round face and in her red eyes, even redder in the light of the setting sun.

They are few feet from her house. Makoto takes a shaking breath, eyes sliding away from hers.

"Is it-is it alright if I kiss you?" His voice comes out a little too high and embarrassment lights a fire under the skin of his face.

Gou looks down at her feet, nodding shyly.

With a shaking hand, he gently grasps her chin, lifting her face back up. She's as red as he feels, and he smiles at her. She smiles back.

Makoto dips his head, his hand moving to cup her cheek now, and he brushes his lips across hers once, they are so much softer than he imagined. He brushes them again before moving back.

He doesn't get the chance to ask her if that was okay before someone is yanking her away.

Matsuoka Rin glares back at him from the spot Gou used to occupy. It's just Makoto's luck he'd get to kiss Gou on the day her brother actually decides to come home for a visit.

"What the hell do you think you are doing to my little sister?" Rin snarls, flashing his shark-like teeth. A cold chill goes up Makoto's spine.

"Rin!" Gou cries, trying to pull him back from where he's advancing on Makoto.

They apparently failed to tell Rin they were dating.

Makoto throws his hands up. "We were just kissing."

Rin's eyes narrow dangerously and Makoto swallows. "No one gets to kiss my little sister." Rin growls. "No one."

"This isn't funny, Rin." Gou says, holding her brother around the waist. "Makoto is my b-boyfriend."

The anger on Rin's face morphs into surprise that just as quickly bleeds in to barely contained fury.

"I'm giving you a five-second head start."

Makoto runs when Gou nods. He runs and doesn't stop until he is safe in his room. Gou texts him just as he flops back on his bed, saying sorry and maybe they could try again.

He smiles up at the ceiling.

makoto/gou (hints of nagisa/rei) / a weak link / prompt: Free! Request; Nagisa sends makoto a chain letter, scaring him so he calls Gou and she tries to comfort him.

It's during lunch break that Nagisa gets a text. He's dozing beneath a tree, his head in Rei's lap, when his cellphone vibrates in his pocket. He digs it out and scans the message on the screen. It's a chain letter, one of those 'if you don't forward this to 30 people, you will be followed home by a kuchisake-onna' type of deals.

Nagisa rolls his eyes, but an idea occurs to him before he puts his phone away. He forwards the message only to Makoto, chuckling into Rei's leg.

Rei adjusts his glasses. "Something bad is going to happen, isn't it?"

Nagisa reaches up, threading his fingers through Rei's hair. "Only if you don't kiss me."

Makoto doesn't check his phone during school, so when it buzzes in his pocket, he ignores it until the end of the day. With no club activities today, he heads straight for the school gate, fishing his phone out of his pocket as he walks.

Nagisa's name dances across the screen and he slides the across it to bring the message up.

if you don't read this you will die! forward this message to 30 people or you will be followed home by a kuchisake-onna!

Makoto almost drops his phone, the cold chill prickling up his spine making his hands shake. He doesn't have 30 contacts. How could Nagisa inflict this curse on him? What is he going to do?

He selects Gou's name in his contact list with a shaking finger, hoping that if he calls her she will have someway out of this nightmare.

Makoto is nearly in tears when she answers on the third ring.

"Kou, Nagisa cursed me!" He doesn't care that he's whining. This is serious; he could die. "I don't know 30 people. What am I going to do?"

"You got it too? That Nagisa…" She sighs into the phone, sounding exasperated. "Where are you?"

"By the gate."

Her voice softens when she replies. "I'm almost done with my classroom duties, I'll meet you in a few minutes."

They hang up and Makoto avoids the other students milling by. Every so often, he gets the feeling of being watched but when he looks over his shoulder, he doesn't see anything.

(Unbeknownst to him, Nagisa and Rei, who actually doesn't want any part of the blonde's game, are hiding behind a tree several feet away from where Makoto stands.)

"Makoto!" Gou's voice is like a balm for his panicked brain. She waves at him as she rushes over. "Are you alright?"

Makoto isn't alright, but he tries to put on a brave front. "I-I'm fine. Sorry for making you rush over here."

She shakes her head, looking a little shy. "It's okay if it's for you. Let me walk you home?"

He nods and walks silently beside her.

They are a block away from the school when she grabs his hand, lacing her fingers with his.

"You know nothing will really happen to you, right?" She asks, a bit of teasing in her tone.

"I-I know that."

Gou knocks into him gently, staying close to his side. "What will make you feel better?"

"Having 30 contacts." He grumbles, wrapping his arm around her thin shoulders.

"H-how about a kiss?" She offers instead, voice almost a whisper.

All thoughts of slit mouthed women fly out of Makoto's head the second Gou grabs the hem of his uniform, using it as leverage to pull herself up and his head down.

kuchisake-onna is a slit mouth woman who, in urban legends, follows people home asking them if she is pretty. if they say no, she cuts them in half. if they say yes, she only sits their mouths, like hers.

seijuuro/gou / test the water / prompt: seigou swimming together.

Seijuuro watches his team swim, attention divided between keeping an eye on their times, their techniques, and jotting things down on his clipboard. He writes notes next to the names that need improvement on form, or time, or both.

He's so focused on his duties as captain he almost misses her peeking into the room every time the door opens. At first he thinks it's Rin trying to slip in unnoticed, as he didn't show up for practice, but when Seijuuro actually takes a moment to look, it ends up being Gou. Kou, he reminds himself. She likes being called Kou.

His stomach does the stupidest flip and he can already feel himself grinning before he makes his way over to her.

She's looking down at her cellphone and doesn't notice him standing in the doorway of the pool area.

"Looking for your brother?"

She starts a little.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." Seijuuro scratches at the back of his head.

Gou smiles, waving his apology off, but her eyes go straight his pectoral muscles and she blushes. Seijuuro smirks, letting her have a look. He doesn't mind if it's someone as cute as her.

"Rin isn't around." Seijuuro says to fill the silence caused by her staring. "I think he's running laps with Nitori."

Her shoulders drop and her face darkens slightly. "Oh. I should leave then."

Seijuuro will never understand Rin's thinking. What brother leaves his little sister to stand around and be sad?

"Do you want to swim?" He offers; he would give anything to keep her around.

Gou blushes, backpedaling a little. "I don't want to trouble anyone!"

Seijuuro smiles. She's too cute. "No trouble at all. Give me a minute."

He ducks his head back into the swimming area and blows the whistle hanging around his neck.

"Practice is over! Get out of the pool!"

There are few grumbles but after glaring intensely at anyone who stays behind, the pool is empty.

Seijuuro holds the door open for her, grinning at her wide-eyed look.

"If you want to change, that corner is pretty safe." He points to a spot over her shoulder. He grabs his shirt from off the chair their adviser usually sits in. "You can wear this if you're shy."

"Thank you." Gou says, accepting the shirt. She starts towards the corner he directed her to, but pauses.

"You're really cool, senpai." She says over her shoulder.

Seijuuro's face burns with equal parts embarrassment and happiness. He dives into the pool to cool off when she rounds the corner to change.

Iwatobi is lucky, he thinks, having her as a manager.

It takes her a few moments to come out, but when she emerges Seijuuro feels like his soul has been sucked out of him. She is adorable in his over sized shirt, shyly looking anywhere except at him.

Asking her to swim was the smartest decision he's ever made in his life.

haruka/gou /one bright moment / prompt: i want to see you handle Haruka/Gou

Gou sits at one end of the pool, watching Haru swim. She is supposed to be taking notes on what he needs to improve, but she can't find a flaw to jot down. His time could use some work, but he refuses to care about times and therefore, even if she wrote it down, it would be useless.

Gou smiles down at her clip. Haru's stubborn is a bit endearing, unlike her brother's stubborn streak which can often be tinged with anger and biting sarcasm. She sighs, the smile crumbling off her face as she thinks of Rin.


She starts. Haruka peers up at her, face calm and impassive. He pulls himself up on the concrete edge, crowding her somewhat. Her heart speeds up and her stomach does a tickling flip with his close proximity.

He kisses her quick and gentle before slipping back in the water.

"You look better when you smile."

As if his words were magic, she feels her lips pull into a smile at his biding.

makoto/gou / scent and sensibility / prompt: i rly love the makogou u've been writing! how about makogou cuddles/playing with hair or gou meeting makoto's family and being teased about going out? thank you.. — I went with the playing with her hair prompt.

Gou's hair is magical, Makoto decides, wrapping a thick lock of it around his finger. Not just because of the deep, almost unreal, burgundy color, but because it's, well, magical.

He twirls the tendril against his skin. Gou's hair is thick, lustrous, and impossibly silky. Makoto has never touched a cloud, but he imagines that's how it would feel: incredibly soft. And pefect.

He gives her hair the tiniest of tugs, getting Gou's attention. She turns to him with a soft smile, resting her head against his shoulder. Her hair, which she lets down only around him, brushes against his forearm where it's half-around her waist.

Makoto lays his cheek on her head, nuzzling his skin against the softness of her hair. A vague scent of fruit, something sweet and citric, pleasantly invades his senses.

He closes his eyes and smiles.

Gou's hair is magical.

makoto/gou / oh, brother / prompt: makogou, rin walks into the house to find them sleeping innocently together.

A fury like no other burns white hot beneath Rin's skin. He can hear the plastic of his phone begin to crack from the death grip he has on it. Before him sits his one and only little sister, back propped up against their couch, with her head laying against Makoto's giant shoulder.

They are both asleep sitting up and even though the way their are posed is innocent enough, rage still eats away at Rin. He has half a mind to go over there and kick Makoto for so much as breathing the same air as Gou.

He doesn't though. Rin pinches the bridge of his nose, inhaling a few deep breaths, and leaves the house. Gou liked Makoto. It would be stupid to make her cry over someone like that giant idiot.

Rin grits his teeth and heads back to the academy dorms, at least there he won't have to look at them.

nagisa/gou / what's in a name / prompt: I want a Gougisa fluff. o.o

There are select times when Nagisa actually calls Gou, Kou. He reserves that name for special moments, for surprises. Nagisa saves that name like a sweet taste on the back of his tongue for moments when he wants to see her face light up in enjoy, and embarrassment.

Like a treat for both of them.

He calls her Gou out loud, between classes and when they are with Makoto and Haru. He likes how cute she looks when she's exasperated and flustered with him. It tests his self control; it takes all he has in his thin frame not to kiss the pout off her lips.

Nagisa whispers Kou when he comes up behind her when their alone, nuzzling her neck and inhaling the dizzying scent of her strawberry-banana body wash. He breathes the name in her ear, his lips pressed against the soft skin there.

Kou slips out of his mouth with a laugh, a playful warning, before he pulls her into the pool with him.

It's always Kou Nagisa says, never Gou, before kissing her in secret in the setting sun, the light of which makes her red her glow.

He calls her Kou because he likes the way she blushes a pretty pink. He says it because he likes how she shy she gets, hiding her face into his shoulder.

And she only does it for him.

makoto/gou / a fonder absence / prompt: mermaid!gou with makoto.

The circus stops in Makoto's city on the last Wednesday of the month, taking two days to set up for the opening show on Friday. He's been marking the days on his calendar, crossing them out until finally, the circus arrived. He gets free tickets in the mail at the beginning of each month the circus is performing; the perks of dating one of their star performers.

Thursday night, Makoto puts his tickets on his desk, excitement and anticipation curling up his spine. It makes it hard for him to sleep, but at some point, Makoto drifts off dreaming of long red hair and shimmering scales.

The circus is jam-packed with people on opening night; Makoto, as tall as he is, has trouble keeping up with his friends as they push through the crowd toward their seats—although he gets free tickets, he doesn't get to choose the section.

They get decent spots in the center section.

Makoto anxiously drums his fingers on his knees, looking down at the large tank in the center of the stadium. When the circus arrives, the city's sports and concert arena is converted into an almost aquarium-like venue. The two small pools on either side of the tank are for synchronized performances and acrobatics done above the water. The tank will be used marine life shows.

It's in that tank Makoto's girlfriend performs.

"Are you excited to see Gou-chan?" Nagisa asks around a mouth full of popcorn. He's practically buzzing with excitement.

"Of course he is." Rei responds in Makoto's stead. Makoto is surprised Rei could suppress the eye roll he normally gives Nagisa.

Makoto is excited. He sees Gou maybe three times a year due to the circus traveling; he tries to catch every show that's close to him. When they can't meet up, they message each other, talk on the phone together, and even write letters back and fourth.

But there really is nothing like being able to hold Gou in his arms, smell the scent of citrus and ocean on her skin, in her hair. Need burns hot and slow in his veins. Makoto makes to close his eyes and calm himself down, but the lights dim and his heart rate goes from fast to faster in a matter of seconds.

Whimsical music floats through the speakers and bubbles are released into throughout the stadium. Makoto sits on the edge of his seat. His knows this routine by heart.

The spotlights shine down on the tank, illuminating the mermaid within it. The crowd cheers but Makoto doesn't pay a bit of attention to the noise or the people around him. He keeps his eyes focused on Gou as she gives a haunting performance under the water.

She mesmerizes the crowd; mesmerizes Makoto.

The next two hours pass by in a blur and he snaps back to reality when someone comes up behind him, digging their fingers into his ribs and scaring the life out of him.

Gou's laughter assuages the thoughts of thin-fingered, spectral creatures waiting to snatch his soul that his mind had conjured up.

"Kou-chan." He whines more than he should, but he doesn't mind because it makes her smile a little bigger.

"Sorry, sorry." She says, wrapping her arm around his waist. She smiles up at him with a hint of color rising to her cheeks. "I missed you."

Makoto smiles down at her, the edges faltering with shyness. He tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear, fingers momentarily brushing against the gills hidden there, and then hen leans forward. Makoto presses a kiss to her forehead, running his lips along the line of scales that shine on her skin. The scent of citrus and sea foam invade his nose; she still smells the same.

He trails his mouth down her pert nose to soft lips, kissing her fully then. After a long moment, he pulls away, thumb running along her jaw and the scales there.

"I missed you."

rin/haruka / salt in the veins / prompt: How about a rinharu one for episode 6 where Rin finds out about Rei and Makoto going off to drown and that haru went to save them and goes out himself. Rei and Makoto are fine but haru ends up in hospital and Rin attack Rei because it's his fault and then tries to pretend that he still doesn't care when haruka wakes up but haru just sits there like "you're such a pain" knowing he cares.

Haru's rise from the murky recesses of unconsciousness is slow going. He pushes through the darkness and sleep clinging to his mind until he can feel reality settle around him. He's in a bed and he can make out the crescendo and decrescendo of voices in argument.

"How could let him go out in the water like that?!"

"Calm down, Rin—"

"Don't you remember what happened when we were kids?!"

Haru's head pounds with each beat of his heart and his lungs burn the tiniest bit with each breath he takes. He decides to keep his eyes closed to avoid aggravating the headache building in his head.

"This is your fault you shitty four-eyes."

"It was an accident. It's not really Rei's fault!"

Rei. Something had happened with Rei.

The last thing Haru remembers is being slung about beneath tumultuous, black water. He wades through the recollection until he can piece it together. Waves. Shouting. Rei.

"Just leave. Get out!"

It comes to him slowly. Haru had heard Makoto shout for Rei who had been swimming in the sudden storm. Haru followed Makoto into the sea and ended up getting caught in a swell just as Rei and Makoto got to the shore.

A hand settles on Haru's and the memory evaporates. The hand is hot, the fingers long and thin and Haru knows it's Rin's without having to open his eyes.

"You shouldn't have shouted at them like that." Haru croaks.

The hand tightens. "You're such a pain." Rin makes a noise that sounds suspiciously like a sniffle.

"And you're still a crybaby."

nagisa/rei / lucky strike / prompt: do rei/nagisa. i'm open to surprises.

The instant Nagisa snatches the glasses off his face is the instant Rei knows he shouldn't have given in to the blonde's incessant wheedling about studying at his house. The first hour had gone smoothly. Nagisa laid himself out on Rei's bed and pored over his text books without so much as a peep.

Rei himself had been on edge sitting at his desk; Nagisa being as unpredictable as he is, could have sprung up at any moment to bring chaos upon their quiet studying time.

Surprisingly, Nagisa hadn't moved except to occasionally kick his feet in the air. It was kind of cute, not that Rei had been watching him the whole hour—he had just taken several long glances at him.

But Rei knows he should have watched the shorter boy like a hawk.

"Nagisa, give them back! Don't put them on!" Without his glasses, Rei is truly almost blind. He can make out the vague shape of Nagisa sliding his glasses on his face and striking a pose meant to imitate Rei, but the fuzzy outline looks undignified and Rei knows that's not how he is.

He stumbles over the book he had dropped in his haste to grab Nagisa and lands on his floor in a sitting position.

"You really can't see without these, huh?" Nagisa asks. Rei watches a shadowy Nagisa drop into the space between his legs. "How many fingers am I holding up?"

Rei whips his head to the side, arms folding across his chest. "I'm not playing this game with you."

"Come on," Nagisa says, voice pitching up until it's whiny. "I'll give you a prize!"

Rei assumes by prize, Nagisa means his glasses. He sighs. What did he do wrong in his past lives to deserve having to deal with Nagisa in this one?

"Fine," Rei grumbles, turning back to face the blurry blob that is Nagisa. He can kind of make out the red of his glasses perched on Nagisa's nose. "But if you insist on wearing those, close your eyes so you don't damage them."

Nagisa laughs, it's a bright sound that may or may not make Rei's stomach drop, and he makes an acquiescent sound. "I'll keep them closed."

Nagisa leans forward, one hand on Rei's knee to keep him balanced, the other holding up what Rei presumes are four fingers.


"Close. Try again."

The blonde comes closer, hand sliding up Rei's knee to his thigh. Where Nagisa's hand rests, a fire burns beneath Rei's skin. He swallows thickly. An idea uncurls from the back of his mind and Rei tries not to smirk; unlike him, Nagisa can see.

"Come closer, your hand is still blurry." He gives himself a mental pat on the back for keeping his voice even.

For a moment, Nagisa doesn't move, but when he does, Rei fights to keep himself composed. Nagisa's hand drags up the inside of his thigh, cupping his hip. Rei can almost see Nagisa's face clearly, and he can definitely see the way his amaranth eyes aren't quite focused.

Rei leans his head back a little.


Nagisa tips forward and Rei meets him halfway, closing his lips over Nagisa's. He trials his hand up smooth skin until he can carefully take the glasses off Nagisa's face.

"At least make your game a little more beautiful." He chides teasingly against Nagisa's lips.

makoto/haruka / little gods / prompt: ~Nagisa forces Haru to crossdress and Makoto gets a nosebleed.~ Or something kekeke

Nagisa slips out of Haru's family room, going unseen as Haru goes off to prepare them a snack —that without a doubt involves mackerel— and Rei and Makoto discuss the former's swimming etiquette.

The blonde quietly pads down the long hallway leading to Haru's bedroom. He pushes open the door, and after glancing over his shoulder, slips into the room. Giddiness crawls up his spine and Nagisa almost giggles but manages to clamp a hand over his mouth.

Nagisa heads straight for Haru's clothes drawers, specifically the one he keeps his jammers in. He grabs all ten pairs, placing them on the floor so he can reach into his backpack and pull out their replacements: three one-piece girl's swimsuits that had been half-priced at a cosplay shop near his house.

He lays them in the drawer and allows himself to chuckle maniacally. Nagisa knows in a past life he must have been a little god of chaos; he's just too good at the games and pranks he plays on people. He shoves Haru's pilfered jammers into his back, closes the drawer, and then leaves the room just as stealthily as he entered.

If all goes according to plan, Makoto will probably pass out in the morning when he comes over to get Haru. It's what he gets for being so tall, and for being Nagisa's friend.

At 6am, Makoto lets himself into Haru's house, the door left unlocked for him. He pauses in the entry way, one shoe off, the other on, when his nose is assaulted by the smell of cooking fish. Haru's already up?

Makoto toes off his other shoe and then makes his way to the kitchen, already imagining Haru standing at the stove with his apron and jammers on.

The reality he was expecting is so different from what is standing before him.

Haru indeed has his apron on, but beneath it aren't the jammers Makoto thought he would see, rather he's presented with Haru wearing a girl's swimsuit.

"W-what are you wearing?" Makoto asks, panicked and high-pitched. He can't keep his eyes off the way the bottom of the swimsuit hugs the curve of Haru's ass.

Haru looks at Makoto from over his shoulder. He doesn't even have the grace to be embarrassed.

"My jammers were gone. I found three of these instead." He says in that usual deadpan drawl of his. Makoto can only gape, his throat dry while his mind only focuses on Haru in that swimsuit.

It shouldn't be as erotic as it is; he's seen Haru in his jammers a thousand times, has seen Haru naked plenty of times. But when he takes off his apron, the sight of Haru's body hugged in blue nylon really sets something off in Makoto.

Like the guys in his class who say they get aroused when their girlfriends wear their shirts.

Makoto comes up behind Haru, crowding him against the counter.

"Let's skip school today, Haruka." Makoto says, nuzzling against the shorter boy's neck.

"Don't call me that." Haru snaps, but it comes out too breathy to be annoyed. He turns his body in Makoto's arms, rubbing against him in all the right ways.

Makoto gets a little dizzy.

"Your nose is bleeding." Haru says, wiping at Makoto's nose with the edge of his apron. "You're a swimsuit pervert," he teases, blue eyes shinning with laughter.

Makoto stutters incoherently, blushing so hard he's surprised he doesn't catch on fire. Haru just kisses him, swallowing what ever lame babble he'd been attempting.

When neither Makoto nor Haru show up for school, Nagisa is a little disappointed; he wanted to see what the aftereffects of his stunt had on Makoto.

He opts for messaging Makoto instead.

You're welcome.

seijuuro & makoto / fraternizing / prompt: friendship!Seijuuro x Makoto: captain bonding sessions.

The Iwatobi Swim Club ends up at Samezuka Academy for another joint practice. The pool area is lively with the sounds of splashing water, conversation, and the occasional blow of a whistle. It's different from their relatively quiet swim sessions, Makoto notes. Not that he minds, the clamor is kind of charming in its own way.

It's nice, he decides, leaning against the wall and watching his teammates.

With the backstroke block practicing every ten-minutes, Makoto spends the interim time keeping a close eye on Rei. Although the underclassman has improved, Makoto still isn't too keen on the idea of him swimming without supervision.

"He's doing well."

Makoto starts. He had been completely unaware of Samezuka's captain approaching.

"Mikoshiba-senpai," Makoto says. They may not go to the same school, but he's still a third year.

Seijuuro claps him on the shoulder. "Seijuuro's just fine, too."

Makoto smiles, nodding.

"Ugh," Seijuuro groans. "Those two, though, haven't changed at all."

Makoto follows his gaze to where Rin and Haru are standing, poised at their respective starting blocks. There's a sour glare on Rin's face while Haru's is impassive.

Makoto hangs his head with a sigh. "You're right."

Seijuuro silently squeezes his shoulder. It's a strange thing to commiserate over, but he and Seijuuro come to make a habit of standing together and sighing whenever there's a joint practice.