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Master List

Hello! This is the masterlist, or archive, of all my stories. Please don't steal anything or post outside of Livejournal without permission. Hope you like what you read and come back soon!


The Deals Your Make ; NC-17 ; Minho/Jinki ; Bodies, like souls, can be lost and it's Minho's job to find them. AU. Death. Suicide. ; Total word count: 32,698
glossary | playlist | one | two | three | interlude | four | five | six

regarde-moi: a regular love story ; PG ; Natsuki/Yuki ; This is the story of Sanada Yuki, a boy who moves from Lyon, France to the tiny, but beautiful island of Enoshima, Japan and Enoshima's Fishing Prince, Usami Natsuki, the boy he never expected to fall in love with. AU-ish ; Total word count: -- | one | two | ** DROPPED **

the living end ; R ; Yunho/Changmin ; The world Yunho knew has ended and he's spent three years living in an endless hell, battling the walking dead, cannibals, starvation, and the human condition. But nothing scares him more than Shim Changmin; the only person who threatens to undo all of the walls Yunho has spent years building around himself, and his heart. AU/DEATH ; Total word count: -- | one | two | ** DROPPED **


jokwon and jaebeom's mouth ; R ; Jokwon/Jaebeom ; Jokwon discovers his favorite part of Jaebeom’s body. |posted to inorae at livejournal. it is members locked.|

Captain America
a soldier's future ; PG ; Bucky/Steve ; They’ve still got room to grow in this new century.
life's little picture ; G ; Bucky/Steve ; Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love, but it sure does help.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
free!lets ; G-PG ; Various pairings ; fills from requests.

Kuroko no Basuke
peculiar ; PG ; Kagami/Kuroko ; Kuroko Tetsuya had peculiar traits; two very sharp, very pointed traits.
sleight of hand ; G ; Kagami/Kuroko ; Pinkies say it all.

plain and simple ; G ; Naruto/Gaara ; Just use your Uzumaki charm and blabber your way into his heart.
haze ; G ; Naruto/Sasuke ; It's through a haze of anger that Sasuke meets Gaara, who subsequently introduces him to Naruto.
ink and flame ; G ; Naruto/Sai ; Sixteen years of practice and he’s finally on his first step to becoming a true Crafter.

taemin and key's lips ; PG ; Taemin/Key ; Taemin on his favorite part of Key's body.
shinee shorts ; G-PG ; Drabbles with various SHINee pairings.
meteor[ion] ; G ; Jinki/Kibum ; Jinki and Kibum go to space. Almost.
little gods ; PG ; Minho/Taemin ; Lee Taemin was maybe more like a god than a boy. And it was just the beginning for them.
in our stars ; PG ; Jonghyun/Jinki (Eunsook) ; Eunsook says she prefers beautiful but devastating events like planets colliding.
length of chain ; PG ; Key, Taemin ; Hungry, is what he wants to say.
one giant leap backwards ; G ; Jinki, Kibum ; Jinki sways. It’s not vertigo, he thinks over the muffled rushing in his ears. It’s madness. He's gone mad.
the little prince ; G ; Jinki/Taemin ; Taemin who fell from the stars himself. Taemin whose skin glows in the dark with millions of tiny biolumniscent freckles.

Shingeki no Kyojin
attack on requests ; PG-13 ; Various pairings ; fills for requests.

fire and ice ; G ; Natsuki/Yuki ; When the gazebo is still standing, Yuki thinks his first Yule with his newly acquired powers is rather successful.
flowers from a grave ; PG ; General ; Yuki comes to realize it really is haunted.
the game ; G ; Natsuki/Yuki ; Yuki receives a letter from Natsuki.
ocean view ; G ; Natsuki/Yuki ; The future is always changing and Yuki has no idea what's in store for him when he moves to the island of Enoshima.

Yu Yu Hakusho
olfactory ; PG ; Kurama/Hiei ; The wind carries Hiei, and his scent, to Kurama’s sill.
bended knees ; PG ; Yusuke/Hiei ; Hiei likes to obey, but sometimes he likes to pretend he isn't good at following orders.

Velvet Goldmine
sound of silence ; PG ; Curt/Arthur ; Sometimes, no words to need to be said at all.
the grand and the wild ; PG ; Curt/Brian ; It's a momentary seizure of love.
demon, thou name is brian ; PG ; Curt/Brian ; Bonfires were lit to keep demons away.


house arrest ; PG-13 ; OT7-ish (smidges of KhunJay and JunBros) ; Jaebeom's outfit is a little too tight in all the right places...and the other members try to explain why he shouldn't be allowed to go outside wearing it. |posted at inorae livejournal.|

Captain America
end of the line ; PG ; Steve, Bucky (pre-slash) ; He runs a finger, one made of flesh, over the picture of Captain America’s face. “My name is Bucky, and I know you.”
old rhythm (or five times bucky broke down walls) ; PG ; Steve/Bucky ; Of course they had presumptions and ideas about him. But Bucky makes it his mission to break them all down.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
match made ; PG ; Rin/Nitori ; It makes Rin's chest tighten and he shifts his gaze to the floor. Sometimes, he is taken aback by Nitori's openness, his honesty, both to himself and others, is endearing and refreshing.

the devil's looking glass ; PG-13 ; Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham ; Where Hannibal really is Lucifer in a human veil. AU-ish.

Hemlock Grove
the soft moon ; PG-13 ; Peter/Roman ; With one nod, Peter had undone generations of work and as much as he wants too, he can’t undo anything now.

folie à deux ; PG ; Gareki/Nai ; "Gareki is my treasured person. He is important to me."

Kuroko no Basuke
ocean eyes ; PG ; Kagami/Kuroko ; Kagami Taiga, whose only interests in life had been food and basketball, finds himself thinking of Kuroko at awkward times. Really awkward, really inappropriate times. And Taiga finds that his weird thoughts of Kuroko are actually how his brain deals with crushes.
the fourth law of thermodynamics vs. the dawn ; G ; Kagami/Kuroko ; They had spent a whole month saving up for this date; Taiga mostly avoiding Maji Burger as if it had the plague and packing his own lunches. Every burger not eaten had been worth each one of Kuroko's small smiles.

vanilla twilight ; G ; Onew/Taemin ; Onew and Taemin's sentimental Christmas romance. 2009 SHINee Secret Santa |posted at shinee_replay livejournal.|
drop of a ball ; PG ; Minho/Taemin ; Taemin feels like setting the dorm on fire.
eat me up ; PG ; Minho/Taemin ; Porn shop. AU.
(beaches) make you wet ; R ; Jinki/Minho ; Jinki isn't always a loser and Minho isn't always cool. AU
[un]birthday (or rather the birthday massacre") ; PG-13 ; Onew/Minho ; Onew is as mad as a box of frogs on his birthday. ; AU/DEATH
sugarbaby ; R ; Jinki/Taemin ; Taemin hot and bothered with morning wood was definitely something he would never say no to.
burn baby, burn ; R ; Jonghyun/Minho ; Jonghyun likes to think Choi Minho isn't so great and isn't afraid to kick the rapper while he's down. Minho thinks Jonghyun doesn't completely understand how far he's willing to go to win.
contemporary dating according to lee jinki ; PG ; Jinki/Jonghyun ; He's ruining their first date. ; AU
smells like taemin's spirit ; NC-17 ; Minho/Taemin ; "Why don't you tell me what you really do in here." Minho's investigating how Taemin spends his time locked in their manager's room.
healing ; PG ; Minho/Key (past Minho/Taemin) ; My life is incomplete without you. ; Character Death. AU.
between the shapes ; NC-17 ; Minho/Taemin ; Minho is an introverted artist. Taemin is still trying to define himself. AU.
human-clad monsters ; PG-13 ; Jinki/Taemin ; When your best friend is a werewolf, everyone who isn't, or doesn't know, is a threat and as the best friend, it's your job to minimize threats. Add to the fact that your friend is listed in the thesaurus under every synonym for cute, you basically have a recipe for disaster. AU. Death.
sleepless night ; PG ; Jinki/Minho ; For all that Minho can resist though, he just couldn't fight the urge to message Jinki, asking in a roundabout way, if he would like to meet. Face to face.
devour ; NC-17 ; Minho/Taemin ; If you could consume a part of your lover, which part would you eat first?
young volcanoes ; PG-13 ; Minho centric ; It was unfortunate Minho's powers involved fires, and not seeing the future.

Shingeki no Kyojin
edelweiss ; PG ; Levi/Eren ; Levi delivers flowers to a house in mourning. AU.
space in between ; PG-13 ; Jean/Armin/Marco ; Jean thinks about him while Marco writhes beneath him, thinks about Armin being somewhere between them.
the only hope for me is you ; PG-13 ; Jean/Marco ; His phone rang at 6AM Monday morning, a shrill sound right at his ear, and Jean answered on the first ring. There was a mechanical quality to Marco's brother's voice when he relayed Marco's update. Comatose.
what a catch ; NC-17 ; Levi/Eren ; He is giving Levi an intimate sort of power over him that has nothing to do with incest and everything to do with putting his entire well-being in Levi's hands. Leave it to Eren to do it in the weirdest fucking way possible.

Teen Wolf
we don't bleed when we don't fight ; PG-13 ; Derek/Stiles ; It's Stiles that Derek stumbles to. Wherein certain things from "Motel California" happened very differently.
all our moves make up for the silence ; PG ; Stiles/Isaac ; Stiles getting his arm broken during lacrosse practice shifted something between him, Scott, and Isaac.
stay golden / night veil PG ; Scott/Allison/Isaac & Derek/Stiles ; Three people open a bar. Two go to Night Vale.

calm envy ; G ; Yunho/Changmin ; The city below them moves on, life moves on. |posted at hug______ and minho_yongwonhi on livejournal.|


{fanfic} inside it all feels the same ; Naruto/female!Gaara ; PG-13 ; status: dropped |posted at deviantart|
{fanfic}untitled ; Derek/Isaac ; PG-13 ; status: dropped
{fanfic} house of water ; Jinki/Jonghyun ; PG ; status: dropped
{fanmix} the summer we fell in love ; Natsuki/Yuki
{fanmix} not a real boy ; David from Prometheus
{fanmix} werewolf on campus ; Derek/Stiles
{manifesto} somewhere in between ; 2MIN
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